Sports Betting – What Is Official Betting?

Official betting is a type of wager that is based on the results of a game. It is typically offered by sports books and can be made by both recreational and professional bettors.

Some of the most popular forms of official betting are prop bets and point totals. Both of these can be placed on games during the regular season or in a playoff format.

Prop bets focus on star players’ in-game performance, while point totals are wagers that predict the final score of a specific game. These bets are often available in the early rounds of a championship series and can result in huge payouts for winners.

NFL Playoffs Betting

The NFL playoffs have a bracketed path to the Super Bowl, which makes them an ideal place to wager on the outcome of a single game. This type of betting is also available for the first round of Wild Card games and Divisional rounds.

NCAA College Football Bets

Most states ban wagering on in-state college teams via mobile, but several do allow action on them through retail. This is a great option for college bettors, as it allows them to take advantage of the best odds available on their favorite team.

Fantasy Football Bets

Some online sportsbooks offer a wide variety of fantasy football bets to their customers. These can include players to win a league, a team to win a conference and a team to win the conference tournament.

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