Sportsbooks Offering Official Betting

Sportsbooks offering official betting are typically licensed in a state that has legalized sports betting. These licensed sites offer many benefits, including a wide range of wagering types, a strong customer service team and direct ties to retail locations in your state.

Live Streams and In-Play Betting:

Many states have made it legal to bet on sporting events that are being broadcast on television, with many books using streaming services to provide live games to their customers. These are typically available in a variety of languages and can be watched on television or online.

The most popular way to bet on NFL games is by placing a bet on the spread, totals and moneylines. However, many books also offer live wagering, which allows bettors to bet on the game while it’s in-play.

Player Props:

College Teams –
While college sports are more popular than pro, many states have regulations that restrict access to entire subsets of bets such as player props. These restrictions vary by state and may even apply to games involving teams that aren’t in your home state.

Merch Giveaways:

Barstool Sportsbook is one of the few sportsbooks that offers exclusive pieces of merch as incentives to place specific wagers. These items will typically be sent to you a few weeks after the bet settlement. These merch giveaways are an excellent way to make your sports betting experience more exciting.

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