Official Betting and College Sports


The term “official betting” refers to wagering on games and events in which the official data used by sportsbooks is made available to fans. In this way, official betting creates a true fan engagement opportunity during events and provides regulated states with the most valuable source of sports betting data.

Professional sports leagues are moving quickly to make official betting available in the states where they have legalized sports betting. In a sign of the growing popularity of this new wagering option, even the National Hockey League has signed sponsorship deals with betting companies to provide official data and access to in-play odds.

In addition to the general prohibitions on bribery, the code also forbids the seeking or offering of a bribe or the acceptance of one, as well as using inside information for betting purposes. In order to avoid such behavior, the code recommends that individuals should report any violations.


A “covered person” means an athlete, umpires, referees, and officials; personnel associated with clubs, teams, leagues, and athletic associations; medical professionals and athletic trainers who provide services to athletes and players; and the immediate family members of such persons. A covered person cannot place a bet on any event in which the covered person participates as a player, coach, or manager. However, an individual involved solely in a national baseball or softball team may bet on a game in which that team is participating at a WBSC competition.

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