Sports Betting Laws – Connecticut Becomes the First State to Legalize Sports Betting

After the Supreme Court struck down federal sports betting bans, states quickly raced to legalize the new business. But while each jurisdiction has a slightly different approach, they all share one key aspect: the ability for sportsbook operators to offer wagers on local teams and events.

With the rise of legal betting, professional leagues now have more visibility into the bets made on their games. They work with sportsbook operators and independent integrity firms to identify betting patterns. And they’re not always happy with what they see.

It’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of betting terms before placing your first bet. Here are some common ones:

Line – The current odds or pointspread on an event. Over / Under – A bet on the total number of points, goals or touchdowns scored in a game, including overtime. Totalizators – In these bets the odds are changed in real time based on the percentage of the total exchange each outcome has received, taking into account the bookmaker’s return rate.

Connecticut was a latecomer to legal sports betting, but it quickly took off. The state now has multiple online and retail sportsbooks. It is a good choice for those looking for a diverse selection of games and betting options.

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