The NFL Announces List of Official Betting Partners

If you have watched any of the NFL’s broadcasts over the last few years, you’ve probably noticed an increasing amount of gambling content. The league has begun to incorporate betting into its broadcasts, and has signed a variety of partnerships with sportsbooks. While the NFL has a history of implementing measures to protect its players from gambling, the league is now beginning to move more proactively.

In April, the NFL announced a list of official sports-betting partners. These partners have agreed to sell sportsbook commercials during games, and will also be allowed to use the league’s names and logos.

The UFC has also tightened its policy, prohibiting coaches from betting on fights, and prohibiting their families from betting on the fighters. This is in addition to the rule that prohibits employees from betting on sports.

ESPN and Fox have been aggressive in pushing their new gambling content. Last year, the networks offered a gambling theme on its ESPN Plus channel, and they plan to continue experimenting with alternative broadcasts. Similarly, MLB has a partnership with MGM Resorts, and they expect to sign up with other sportsbooks.

There’s also the possibility that the NFL could allow teams to be sportsbook sponsors. Sportsbooks would be allowed to advertise on the team’s uniforms, and fans would be able to wager on games through their sportsbook. However, sportsbooks are still prohibited from setting up kiosks in stadiums, and the league is still not allowing betting on insiders.

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