What Is Official Betting?

The term official betting refers to bets that are placed on events in a sport that are sanctioned by the game’s governing body. Generally speaking, these types of bets are subject to stricter rules and regulations than unofficial bets.

For example, in baseball games, bets on a team winning a game are only official if the game is played to a full nine innings. Every year, MLB teams experience a few shortened or suspended games due to inclement weather. This means that a correctly placed moneyline bet on the winner of a game will most likely pay.

In addition, professional sports leagues are required to monitor the behavior of their players when they place bets on their own matches. This includes ensuring that players do not attempt to manipulate the outcome of a wager. In some cases, players have been disciplined for placing a bet that is not in compliance with governing body regulations.

The NFL and NBA are among the professional leagues that have a policy against sports gambling. However, the NHL is an exception and has been embracing the industry since the Las Vegas Golden Knights began play in 2017. The NHL’s smaller size means it is less vulnerable to issues that could arise with larger professional leagues such as the NFL and NBA. It also makes it easier for the league to sign sponsorship deals with bookmakers like William Hill and MGM Resorts International that include betting partnerships.

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